Site Redesign and Announcements

Hello everyone! I know it's been just over two years since this blog updated. I could make excuses, but I won't. In those two years I've gotten my undergraduate degree, gotten a job that is paying for my graduate degree, and learned a ton of stuff that I haven't recorded here.

I just recently got the inspiration to re-design this site to homogenize how the different parts look and kick my javascript dependency. If you want to take a look at the source code you're welcome to, but it's a bit of a mess.

In doing so, I realized that I haven't been keeping up with blogging at all, and that I'm no longer in a place where I really need the financial support from my Patreon. So once some final things clear, I'm going to shut it down. I intend to update this blog more regularly with interesting things that I come across, but I'm not going to commit myself to a schedule just to fail to keep it.

If you want to send me feedback, the best way is still at I can't wait to hear from you.