Patreon Launch

I have wonderful news this week! I just launched my link:[Patreon]!

What’s this?

As you probably know, I’m looking to start Computer Science at the University of New Hampshire in the fall - this is my way of helping to pay for it. I hope that enough people will find my writing here useful that I become self-funding. That’s a far off goal, so I’m going to start with one much closer: $26 a month, less than Bernie Sanders much touted average donation, which will pay for a single day of classes every month - with help from scholarships, student loans, and my family.

(If we make it to $40 a month, I will be making ~$8/hr. for working on this blog. I bet you can do it.)

What I Give to You

I don’t believe in free lunches, so I want to explicitly spell out what I’m going to be providing to you, in return for your support.

Weekly summeries of each of the following classes: - Honors Bionics 444 - An introduction to the intersection of Biology and Electrical Engineering. - Computer Science 417: From Programs to Computer Science - An introduction to what Computer Science is. - Intro to Electrical Engineering - Circuts, magnetic and electric fields, and probably stories about electrocuting myself. - Intro to Information Technology - What Information Technology is, how the internet works, and what it means for You.

If I make it to $179/month (or $100 from an individual doner) I will also provide summeries of topics of your choice - whatever that may turn out to be.

Plus the origional and personal researches and interests that I already include in my blog. They may become less frequent once term begins, though.

So, Huzzah! I’ll see you all again soon with more entertaining lessons.