Welcome to Integral Morphology

Hello! I’m link:mailto:setupminimal@gmail.com[Setupminimal] (Daroc Alden), an incoming freshman at the University of New Hampshire. I enjoy writing software (Check out link:https://setupminimal.github.io/paperclip-optimizer/game.html[Paperclip Optimizer: The Paperclip Maximization Game]), constructed languages, and really long term planning.

I also, perhaps more than anything, enjoy learning. Because of this, I intend to post weekly about things I’ve learned, either working on my personal projects, working at the link:https://iol.unh.eud[UNH-IOL], or, once class starts, as a Computer Science student at UNH. Doing this not only helps me keep track of what I’ve learned, and helps make it stick, but hopefully provides you with something interesting to read and enjoy.

So thank you, and I’ll see you next week.